Electric Fencing System

Electric Fencing System
Our offerings comprise standard packages as well as customized solutions, ranging from individual components - e.g. patented fence posts - to complete security systems and installations.

The advantages of Electric Security Fences
The number of Electric Security Fence systems is steadily increasing in most countries, A wide variety of industrial and public enterprises have chosen this solution.

Electric Security Fences feature a unique combination of security factors, which few other techniques can offer!

Deterrence. Most humans have a natural respect for electricity. The warning sign is often sufficient to deter a person from even attempting to break in.
Delay. Unlike most other security devices, Electric Security Fences constitute additional physical barriers which have to be passed.
Detection. To force an Electric Security Fence without being detected is difficult. The alarm goes off early - before the intruder enters the premises.

Post Business Electric Security Fences should not be confused with passive sensor wires, sometimes offered under the same name. These have neither deterrent nor delaying properties.
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